The Wanderers

Turok is a small mountain village high in Aurok Mountains. Originally a small trading post where trappers and hunters would come to peddle what they had caught and it existed this way for a hundred years.

About twenty-five years ago, Turok expanded significantly when Ank Warren and a small group of his followers settled in the town and built a church, increasing the modest permanent population by three times its original size.

About ten years ago, Turok expanded a modest amount, mainly the addition of a few families. Under a land grant from the King, and in response to gallantry and loyalty on the battlefield, Kruk Hallon was granted Lordship over a small region in the mountains, with the seat of his area based in the little town of Turok.

Kruk’s appearance and his authority were not greatly appreciated, considering the independence the town had received previously. Tensions also exist between Ank and Kruk over who holds the hearts of the locals, most of whom just want to go about their own business.

About three years ago, a mysterious sorcerer named Gar Talesh moved into the town. Building a small keep on a hill overlooking the town and moving in with little fanfare, Gar and, later, his wife, have been a prominent, yet quiet, member of the community. Gar dabbles only slightly in the politics (and tensions) of the community, weighing in on behalf of Kruk or Ank, depending on the situation. In either case, the general consensus is that he seems to divide his support pretty evenly between the two.

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  • The Wanderers

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