The Wanderers

The Wizards Wife
What happens when a Wizard asks you to "look into something"

Monty, Aelrose, and Taldar were enjoying a wonderful lunch when Gar the Wizard asked to join them for a little conversation about his wife; who upon further discussion was in fact, dead. The ever helpful group decided to help the good Wizard because, as Taldar the barbarian of many thoughts put it, there was “nothing better to do”.

Upon investigating the burial place of Gar’s wife he told them he belived that she was poisoned, and he went to futher speculate that the town’s local Orc problem probably had something to do with it. So the group of adventurers set off down the trail towards the mountains.

They did not get too far before they found an Orc in a tree with a horn. Deciding rather than try and take out the orc in the tree and probably alert all the other Orcs, they would wait him out or ambush his replacement when the time came. When dawn broke the Orc came down from the tree and was promptly ambushed. Taldar grappled the foul creature but failed to pin him. Aelrose did mange to knock the creature unconscious. After interrogating him on the finer details of the Orc encampment, Taldar loped his head off for good measure.

Soon the band came upon the cave that the dead Orc spoke of. Aelrose quickly took out the sentry with a single shot from about 60ft out. Monty quickly grabbed Taldar’s short sword and took the stinking corpses head off. Taunting the Orc hoard he threw the head into the cave. As the ball of gore bounced sickeningly down the stairs, Monty told Taldar to lead the way. The barbarian liked the clerics style and eagerly agreed.

Upon entering the floor of the cavern they quickly realized it was in fact no natural orc cave, but rather a keep carved by the dwarves. After more exploring of the keep, 6 more stinking Orc lay dead, and the battle weary group faced one more closed wooden door…

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